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Good products and service for you

The JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” makes and delivers high-quality metal wares, the equipment, metal furniture, carries out individual orders, makes repair of hardware and the equipment, develops the design documentation.

It is our mission:

«To produce and provide easily accessible and available service and products with reasonable and competitive pricing. To provide products and services that adequately address needs, have high quality (appropriate value for money and time invested) »

We believe the best way to achieve this goal are:

Reliability. We strive to provide what we promised, dependably and accurately.

Assurance. Our employees have the knowledge, courtesy and ability to convey test and confidence.

infrastructure. We have possibilities to provide top quality service and products and appropriate terms of delivering.

The clients come to us expecting remarkable service, and that they will obtain high quality products for their money. We accept this tee and we cooperate with the client openly. We see our mission in being the helper of the client.

Valeriy Vasilevich- director

Concerns of the client first of all

Continuous changing of the marketing environment, appearance of the new manufacturers, change of demand and supply, oscillation of the prices, the competitiveness between the manufacturers are not full list of those moments, on which one we should stress the attention in daily operation. However we always remember, that concerns of the clients - first of all so we have their best interests in heart. We always are willing to assist in satisfying their needs.

We actively strive to be aware in domestic and world tendencies of development metal processing, about new material, styles of metal furniture in order to offer for client products made on the advanced technology, with usage of the best materials. For this purpose we permanently equip production with the modern equipment, we study the tendencies in design of equipment, agricultural stock, safes, metal doors, lattices for windows and doors. Our customer, having come to us, receives not only best goods, but also high quality service .

Pavel Nicolayevich - production manager

We help for client

When we tell customers, that we will do something, we do it. We promise what we can deliver. We consider our word as our bond. Our products and service have reasonable and competitive pricing and adequately address needs. We strive to realize situation when customer coming to our office could feel themselves welcome, be understood, comfortable, appreciated, important and respected. We are happy to help for our client. Our products, which one clients purchase, have high quality, solid warranty, meet the requirements and provide obtaining the profit.

Ludmila Victorovna - sales manager